Versal 4


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An issue that exemplifies a journal in transition: here we introduce new assistant editors to the team, as well as our first (and up to this point, our one and only) fiction editor. That said, this issue is when we find our strength in numbers. With Larissa Andrusyshyn, Alex Piperno, Joseph Radke, Chad Simpson, and more.


Larissa Andrusyshyn, Jennifer Arcuni, Robert Bohm, Horacio Cavallo, Laura L. Chalar, Claudia Daventry, Helen Degen Cohen, Heidi Hellmuth, Randall Horton, Tatjana Lukic, Emiliano Martínez Gómez, Bernice McNaulty, Alvaro Ojeda , Alex Piperno, Claire Potter, Joseph Radke, Shaun Robinson, Daphne Rock, Aleida Rodríguez, Karen Schubert, Eileen Sheehan, Margo Solod, Jay Snodgrass, Rick Taylor, Mark Terrill, Joel H. Vega

Fleur Bradley, Lauren Coley, Anne Earney, Robert Glick, Rob McClure Smith, Michelle Mulder, Lauro Palomba, Dean Serravalle, Chad Simpson, Rob Williams

Ingrid Bockting, Sue Doeksen, Emma Engstöm, John Hoft, Michael John Keegan, Mirabai Lacazette de Monchy, Matthew Rose, Bruno Serre