Versal 10



Among the 168 pages of this anniversary edition are four riddles from Ish Klein, a conversation between Michael Martone and Matthew Baker, and a series of "photodrawings" from Irish artist Garrett Phelan.

"750 Circles"

For the first time in the journal's history – perhaps for the first time in literary journal  history – no two copies of the offset-printed, full-color Versal 10 are alike. "750 Circles" is a handmade project by Versal's editorial team to honor the many people around the world who have made the journal possible.

Animation, Footage, & Editing by Amy Purifoy, Soundtrack by Alfred Brown, Additional Editing & Mastering by Evan Schapp.

Versal is Ten

In the first edition of Versal, published in 2002, founder and editor Megan M. Garr wrote, "This could be the first and last Versal you ever read."

But on May 23, 2012, the dazzling tenth Versal was revealed. This edition is a gold-plated wonder, with "Versal Ten" embossed on the front in the familiar Versal typeface.




Shifa Ali, Serena Chopra, Cody-Rose Clevidence, Erin Costello, Kathryn Cowles, Ruth Danon, Neil de la Flor, Eleanor DesPrez, Laura Eve Engel, James Grinwis, Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick, Ish Klein, Julia Madsen, Eric Magrane, Dora Malech, Rusty Morrison, Bill Neumire, Christopher Patton, John Pluecker, Brandon Shimoda, Candy Shue, Lee Sittler, Kristine Snodgrass, Amy Wright, Jessica Young

Matthew Baker, Christophe Brunski, Gerald Fleming, Roxane Gay, Luke Andrew Geddes, Daniel Takeshi Krause, Laurence Levey, J. Annie MacLeod, Michael Martone, Ben Merriman, Lisa Annelouise Rentz, Andrew Michael Roberts, Bess Winter

Caetano Carvalho, Hannah Cooke, Renee Couture, Tamar de Kemp, Susan van Hengstum, Geoff J. Kim, Philip Lüschen, Katja Novitskova, Garrett Phelan, Kayla Romberger, Joe Sobel, Freddy Tuppen, Siobhan Wall, Judith Westerveld, Victor Zwiers