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The Neuroscience of Creativity: Patterns vs Randomness

  • KABK I/M/D 4 Prinsessegracht Den Haag, ZH, 2514 AN Netherlands (map)

In the cognitive neurosciences, creativity is often researched through probing the generation of original ideas. Experimenters let participants generate creative uses of everyday objects. But can creativity be understood as a general talent? Would this talent be independent of the medium the artist is familiar with? I will interpret McLuhan’s “The medium is the message”, in terms of cognitive neuroscience. I will build further on my research on the neuroscience of pattern recognition of sequences in language, music and dance. By stimulating the brain with magnetic pulses, making it go quiet, we could increase the pattern sensitivity of our participants. The same neural region has been implicated in improvisation of both structured and random melodies. Finally, I will extend this program to reviewing research that examines structure and randomness in the visual folklore art (e.g. “crazy quilts” – see picture). Is it easier, or more difficult, to create a random pattern? Does the human mind crave structure?

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