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Storytelling Night: Speaker of Djinns

  • 8 Mekelweg Delft, ZH, 2628 CD Netherlands (map)

‘Do you believe in Djinns? My great-grandmother sure did. When her husband disappeared, fighting rebels in the mountains, she sought the council of an Armenian mystic. In the middle of the night they saw the Djinns taking the shape of her husband, showing her he was still alive. He was badly hurt but trying to find his way home...’

In Speaker of Djinns Sahand Sahebdivani takes you on a trip that mixes Persian classical stories with the adventures of his own family. Some of his stories are so unbelievable; you have a hard time discerning where the border between fantasy and reality lies. He’ll be backed up by an amazingly talented international band playing a mix of Oriental, Eastern European and Manouche music.

Sahand Sahebdivani was born in Tehran in 1980 into a family of impoverished nobility, generals, opium smugglers and mystics. He escaped the Ayatollahs at the age of three when his family fled to Amsterdam. Like all good Iranian parents his parents wanted him to become a doctor. He surprised his parents and probably saved the lives of future patients by becoming a storyteller instead. For the past decade he runs the most popular storytelling centre of the Netherlands, hosting nights in Dutch and English. The Dutch storytelling society named him Storyteller of the Year in 2014. Since 2012 he’s started taking his energetic style of storytelling to international stages, performing in the UK, Germany, Norway, Hungary, Turkey and beyond!

Music will be performed by Bas Kisjes (NL), Vincenzo Castellana (Sicily), Bela Horvat (Slovenia) and Zoltán Kisák (Hungary).


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