Journal Porn Features: XVIII Eyes

Journal Porn brings you not just 8 stunning writers from 4 sumptuous lit mags. Journal Porn comes complete with its own freakin' soundtrack.

Taking cue from our many years of doing literary events that draw the discerning Amsterdam crowds, we've searched Seattle's music scene to find a band worthy to work alongside the mind-blowing lit we'll have on stage.

And that band, my friends, is XVIII Eyes.

Seattle’s XVIII Eyes are a guitar-driven pop adventure through sound and space.

Triumph is held in delicate balance; the songs wear themselves inside out as a haunting, hypnotic pulse forms an ethereal union with a commanding psych drive as “one of the city’s most alluring vocalists” (Seattle Weekly) broadcasts an urgent message of steadfast romance.

Setting off the lit and the rifts Friday night will also be beats from DJ Dewey Decimal.

This isn't your average AWP. This is a SEATTLE AWP. And if you play your dance card right, you can get live music AND literature every night of the conference. But Journal Porn? Well, this is the offsite you've been waiting your whole life for.

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