VERSO / returns!

The second volume of Amsterdam's live literary journal will feature an all-star lineup of local and international talent, and though we're still deep in planning mode, we can already promise you magic from the likes of Babs Gons (NL), Megan Fernandes (CAN), and Laura Mullen (USA).

Everyone's favorite Russian-Canadian poet-spy Anna Arov edits the first number of our second volume on October 4. The premiere features American poet Jenny Drai, robot plants from Rob van de Berg's Nova Eden project, and a live review of the international poetry squad Paris Lit Up.

This season's VERSO / turns its symbolic lens from human movement to terra firma, zooming in on Earth through pre-18th century alchemical symbols. First up: stone.

Click here for details, and hope to welcome you at the season premiere on October 4th!