Archive of VERSO / volume 1 is now live

The first volume of VERSO / live jour- nal spanned June 2014 - June 2015, and featured renowned and heart-stopping writers, artists and thinkers like Peter Gizzi, Laressa Dickey, Jane Lewty, Euan Monaghan, and Marianna Maruyama.

This "live journal" began its run as an homage to human movement: an ode, a protest to borders, a questioning of place and placelessness, embracing symbols used by American hobos to navigate their travels. People from all around the world joined us as we explored our worlds and ourselves in this. Many conversations, friendships, and collaborations began at the VERSO / nights, and we are excited to look back on a successful first season.

We are also pleased to announce that the table of contents from our first volume is now available! Each number (i.e. edition) and program for the evening, including date and theme, can now be browsed on our site.

The Versal team looks forward to a new season of VERSO /, which will feature, among others, Laura Mullen, Lily Huong, and Sarah Posman. Volume 2 will kick off in September among a festive showcase of Mezrab's new season, and will officially debut on October 4, featuring US poet Jenny Drai and a live review of the literary magazine Paris Lit Up.

Stay in touch with our upcoming VERSO / season by following, friending, or subscribing to our things. Hope to see you in the fall!