"So this is happening" & other status updates

It's always the case, always always, that late-January/early-February we crawl out of our various hibernations and start madhousing around town in some kind of desperate sun-dance. Thank god Max (intern-extraordinaire) is keeping up with the local listings, or our calendar would be a paltry rendition of all the awesome stuff y'all are putting on.


Among it all you'll find – or will soon find – not one, but TWO, VERSOs happening in March (we had to reschedule thanks to the Easter bunny). Here's the link to the first one on March 1, edited by the wonderful Eleanor Paynter.

We've heard rumor of a very cool poetry-theatre-performance evening around desire (specifically, female desire)...details coming soon...we can't say anything just yet.

And, completely selfish here, I hope to be able to read you my new book (out February 16), in person, live, in the foreseeable near future (you can pre-order it now if you're as anxious as I am).

Then of course, there's the whole AWP thing, where, as usual, Versal is doing something completely bizarre (and slightly against the rules).

When you're not going to these or other events around town, we hope you'll throw some cash at our friends at Mezrab, which is raising money to expand. The space it's eying, literally above where it is now, may not be as big as the Mezrab heart, but it's definitely big enough to hold the Mezrab crowds. They've just reached 50% of their funding goal. With 25 days left to go, let's take them all the way.