New Interns – Still Amazing

Versal is proud to announce that we've taken on four new interns to help us out here in Amsterdam during the cold winter months and beyond. Here's an introduction: 

Max Goodwin Brown

Max Goodwin Brown grew up in London, studied philosophy in Aberdeen, and now studies philosophy in Amsterdam. His short stories have appeared in Structo and the Penny Dreadful. Max likes to play drums and cycle around cities. 

Photo courtesy of Lisa Deijl and Irene Pena

Photo courtesy of Lisa Deijl and Irene Pena

Anissa Jousset is currently studying Marketing & Communications at the University of Amsterdam. She writes all the time, and has recently ventured into screenwriting. Her previous is published in the University College Roosevelt's Review of Arts and Writing, the school's newspaper Tabula Rasa, and the French music magazine Rock&Folk. She enjoys cinema, music and rearranging books on shelves(also reading them). She can often be found at the beach or messing around with old cameras. She keeps stacks of VOGUE Paris around because she doesn't have the heart to re-purpose them. She has been told she wears a lot of black, but she really does enjoy the sunshine. One day she will move to the desert and ride a motorcycle.

Nora Walker

Nora Walker is currently studying Human Ecology at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine. To explain what is meant by 'Human Ecology' would take a most rare patience and a good deal of eye contact. For this purpose it is safe to generalize and say that her degree falls somewhere between marine biology and ceramics. Nora's interests include: poems about onions (there are, thankfully, many), chickens, Bonnie Raitt and the never-ending quest to find a worthy Go-Fish opponent.

Xiaowei Chen

Xiaowei Chen recently graduated with a master degree in comparative literature and literary theory. The last time she published anything was when she was 13. She claims she didn't know what she was writing.  Xiaowei is a borderline addict of geometrical patterns, indie rock goofballs, 60s/90s aesthetics, and Twin Peaks. Haruki Murakami is currently her most adored author.