Call for Writers and Artists

Image Credit:  Ricardo Leite

Image Credit: Ricardo Leite

The Secret Society will meet again in March, and this time around... It's erotic.

Formerly known as This Is Not a Reading Series, The Secret Society event takes the traditional hush-hush whispers of an underground organization and flips that secrecy on its head. We invite everyone to join us in hearing prose and poetry, to see art installations, and to become a part of The Secret Society through special initiation. 

For this edition we’re working in close collaboration with Bibliothèque Èrotique to bring you a tantalizing evening of blindfolds, sultry reverberations, and eye-catching visuals.

We’re looking for poets, prose writers, musicians and artists to participate with us on March 15th, 2014. 

Submission Guidelines:

If you will be in Amsterdam during this time and want to be involved in the reading, or contribute poetry or prose, music or your art, please send two samples of your work to:

If possible, send material dealing with the erotic or erotic themes, though this is by no means required for participation in the event.

Send your writing examples in a double-spaced Word or PDF document containing your name and contact information. Links to films of your past performances are also appreciated. When sending music or art samples, please provide us with the highest quality format possible and indicate in your email how best to get in contact.

The deadline for submissions is February 21st to be considered for The Secret Soceity on March 16th. Any submissions after the February 21st will be considered for a future event. 

Please spread the word, and we look forward to seeing your work!