VERSO / volume 2 epilogue

On Sunday, June 5, VERSO / closed its second season among the words and works of Laura Mullen, Margret Wibmer, Lily Hoang, Jennifer K. Dick and Megan M. Garr. 

In case you missed it, or wish to revisit it, here is the text of Megan's season 2 "Epilogue".

Because: thank you.

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Versal Skips AWP This Year

There's so, so much to talk about regarding AWP - how it handles its (our) affairs, how to navigate the fluid, oversaturated, economically-adrift state of literary publishing, how to address and redress systemic and institutional inequity. We wish we could be at AWP in Los Angeles this year to engage in these dialogues - to fight and laugh and work and hope. Unfortunately, though, we're not going to have a table at AWP this year...

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