A journal has an intermission


Versal released our 11th issue in May 2013 to critical acclaim. Our 11th issue marked 11 amazing years, curating the best prose, poetry, and art from practitioners around the world, for an international audience.

With that many years under our belt, we've seen and learned a lot. The literary landscape has changed drastically since we published our first issue back in 2002.

We've changed as well.

Where we're going

We're eager to improve the way we do things—logistically and conceptually. This means retiring old processes and moving over to better ways of running a journal and exploring projects we've had on the backburner.

To give ourselves breathing room for these exciting new developments, we've decided to go on a sabbatical of sorts, pausing the release of the next issue of Versal and therefore our reading period.

What to expect this year

We are not reading submissions at this time. Work sent our way will go unread. Sorry.

But we are still putting on events, in Amsterdam and elsewhere. If you're in the neighborhood, or planning to visit the neighborhood, we hope you'll join us for our acclaimed literary & arts series VERSO /.

If you're a subscriber and you have not already heard from us, please contact us here.



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